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The practice of yoga has swept the world with an enthusiasm never seen before. Yoga has achieved the status of a mass cultural phenomena, as shown by the fact that there are around 300 million yoga practitioners in the world and it is an 80-billion-dollar market. As the fourth fastest growing industry in the USA, it generates 30 billion dollars annually (16 billion from yoga facilities and 10 billion from yoga mats and other yoga props).

To start with, these numbers are indicative of a sudden surge in the business of this archaic philosophical tradition of India. None of the other Ancient Arts of world civilizations have survived, been sustained and soared to the heights that yoga has. The credit for this goes to its applicability to every age that the human species has survived. Yoga is one of the rarest of the rare sciences, to have survived through scientific revolutions, technological innovations, and modernizations! The fact that yoga is recognized and revered in a world progressing towards evidence-based, result oriented and relational practices only makes it a science par excellence.

Spirituality is one of the most fundamental aspects of yoga and this aspect has been overshadowed by the progression of the physical aspect of yoga. Volumes of texts on yoga sutras provide an insight into millions of questions about human sense and sensibilities, human sufferings and human connectedness to the world. From wisdom about coping with the stresses of everyday life to attaining emancipation from worldly desires and attaining the highest form of spiritual self by following various paths recommended by yoga, this humongous science has so much to offer.

"However If you stumble on [it], it is a miracle. If you learn it scientifically, it is Yoga.”

Make you mind your means to salvation, by attaining freedom from being affected by the life conditions which are neutral in themselves.

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