Mind, Body, And Diabetes: A Journey To Wellness

The Global Challenge of Diabetes Imagine a typical evening: after a hearty dinner, you crave something sweet. But as you reach for a pastry, an article on diabetes catches your eye, reminding you of this global health crisis. The World Health Organization reports a staggering 422 million people worldwide are affected by diabetes, a number […]

The secrets of yoga: A fight with diabetes

“Diabetes is not curable. But you can keep it at bay! It is early in the evening. You just had a late, heavy dinner, and you are full, but something is still missing. You just can’t put your finger on it, and it suddenly flashes on you – you missed your dessert-the eternal ‘muh meetha […]

When modern science meets ancient wisdom: Key to a balanced and vibrant life

In the bustling streets of ancient India, a spiritual revolution was quietly taking place. As the sun rose over the horizon, men and women gathered to practice a series of physical postures and meditation techniques to transform their minds, bodies, and spirits. This is yoga, a practice that would later become a global phenomenon with […]

Echoes of the unknown: Phenomenon of UFOs and alien life – 2

It is contended that our brush with extra-terrestrial intelligence is nothing new but adequately suppressed from the public due to unexplained reasons at the highest levels of government in many nations. When Neil Armstrong took that historic step of landing on the moon, it is reported but not confirmed that through a personal channel; he […]